• Walk in conversions
  • Product purchases
  • Rebookings after appointments


  • Incentive programs & reward schemes
  • Scripts for upsell stages
  • Plans to retain customers


  • Systems to train new hires
  • Standardized procedures
  • Training evaluations


Your spa’s staff directly affects your bottom line – which is exactly why training them can often lead to doubling your revenue!

With our Ultimate Spa Staff Training Kit, you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to train your team.

With this kit you can easily learn the best methods to implement effective training programs & procedures that will help streamline your spa processes, improve your quality of service & increase your bottom line.

With a properly trained team, your spa can do wonders and succeed at creating a new customer after every interaction that they have with your staff.

So do yourself a favour & invest in the people that determine whether a customer is ever going to use your services.. Invest in your staff now!


Complete Guide Book On

  • Introduction to spa staff training―how staff training helps your business
  • Training your spa staff to increase your spa revenue
  • Hiring policies to get quality staff on board
  • On-board etiquettes & soft skills training for excellent customer service
  • Training to upsell in a convincing & friendly manner
  • Client retention training to retain existing customers
  • Employee incentive plan for higher productivity

Tools & Templates

  • Soft skills training structure
  • Hard skills training structure
  • Ready to use Incentive program
  • Template for creating your own incentive program
  • Call Script templates

Using this Training Kit, you will be able to consistently retain clients while keeping your staff motivated to perform.

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