3 Latest Facebook Advertising Features You Need To Be Using

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Facebook Ads are indeed one of the most cost-effective forms of online marketing for spas- and the platform just keeps getting better.

With new tools and targeting features, Facebook Ads now have the ability to help your spa reach out to prospective clients with even more precision than before.

If you haven’t started improving your spa website conversions and lowering your costs using these new features, now is definitely the time to start!

Location Targeting

Facebook has always allowed advertisers to reach their audience by targeting specific cities – but with the new Location Targeting feature, your reach can be made more precise and specific. The improvement actually allows one to “Drop Pin” around any particular location, and target people around that chosen point.

This feature works great for local businesses as they get to target potential leads within their actual area.

Expat Targeting

While expat targeting has been around for a while, it was restricted to expats from the US primarily. However, with the latest update Facebook has now introduced a number of different nationalities that are available to reach using the expat targeting feature.

You can now target expats living within a given country and even those originating from a specific country. So, if you wanted to display ads only to people born in India and living in Brazil, you can now reach them with a focused campaign. Facebook says it has 92 million people who live abroad on its network.

Lead Ads

They truly are the ultimate lead generation ad format! Using a standard News Feed ad, clicking the call to action launches a native lead form on Facebook. The form even pre-fills details like Name and Email to save time (the field is editable). This allows advertisers to increase conversion rates, by capturing leads straight through Facebook rather than sending them to an external website. A lot of marketers have extremely high hopes for this new Lead Ad, and it can work wonders for offer claims.

Broaden your spa’s reach and get to target more audience with Facebook’s new ad features!