3 Offers To Inspire You For Valentine’s Day Promotions

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Valentine’s Day is the ideal holiday for spas and salons as gifts of beauty and wellness fit so well with the business. Plus, one gets the additional opportunity to treat the valued customers extra special.

As people look for exciting grooming and prepping up offers during Valentine’s Day – the possibilities of generating more leads and converting them into actual customers goes real high for spas.

So, what’s the wait for. Let’s get started and check out the three amazing offers which will allow you to target the 3 target audiences – the couple, someone who’s going on a date and someone who’s single.

1. If You Are a Hotel Spa: The best offer you can create is couples massage + access to pool/other relaxing facilities. This kind of offer gives a chance for a relaxing spa treatment plus an opportunity to spend the day together while relaxing and rejuvenating. Couples who find it hard to dig out quality time while dealing with day to day life – are sure to find this extremely exciting.

2. All Inclusive Beauty Package: This offer would work for women who are prepping for the Valentine’s Day. And an exclusive beauty package can help them prep up fully for the occasion. Make sure you I include all the essentials that every woman would want to do to get ready for a big date like eyebrow, manicure/pedicure, facial, waxing, hair and other beauty treatment.

3. For the Single Ladies: The singles in the town may not have a special someone to celebrate the day but this exclusive offer can allow them to get a pamper day. Offer something more spa related package instead of beauty related, as for those who are treating themselves this would be a great treat.

Ring in this Valentine’s Day with these exciting offers and boost your spa’s business!