3 Tips to Create Content That Converts


It’s a well known fact that in today’s world content is king. We’re constantly surrounded by all types of content, and at the end of the day what catches our attention is content that connects with us and brings us value.

It’s no wonder that creating quality content has become an invaluable skill, whether it is for social media, blogging platforms, or for website copy.

In this post we share 3 tips to create content for your spa or salon. And not just any content, but the kind of content that helps readers convert to customers. It’s our secret formula, that we are now sharing with you: our valuable readers.

1) Start with the pain

Whether you are writing to promote a service or to provide information on a treatment, first think about what pain it solves for a customer.


Because most of the time, people take action on pain.

Think about it.. When a user lands on a page that promotes a hair treatment, most of the time what they have searched for is along the lines of “how to treat dry hair” or “how to stop frizzy hair” rather than “keratin treatment” or “deep moisture hair mask”.

It’s precisely because of this behaviour that your content should center around the problem your service is solving for the reader. If you’re writing a keratin treatment, don’t just talk about how you apply keratin and how trained your staff is – Stress on the problem keratin solves.. And then go ahead and mention your trained staff and your process.

2) Mention the result

It sounds pretty obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people forget to actually mention the result. For example, they might talk about the pain of having dry and damaged hair and urge readers to try the keratin treatment if they have dry and damaged hair.

But.. where is the result?

You need to actually state the benefit and end result the reader gets, and how the service solves the problem mentioned in the beginning. This means you talk about the pain of having dry and damaged hair, urge readers to try the keratin treatment, and tell them how they will then have smooth, soft and healthy hair.

This formula of pain – solution – result is what helps to psychologically excite a reader and create a connection to what you are talking about.

3) Call to Action

Once you’ve got your reader engaged, you must have a call to action stated in your copy. It can be anything from a “call to book” or “request a consultation”, but it’s imperative that you push the reader to take action.

Some ask why a call to action is so important.. If a reader is interested, they would naturally call to book an appointment, right? Well, great content actually generates an action, and it does so by getting the reader in the needed state of mind and then providing an outlet for them to take a decision in that mind frame. Basically, if they see an opportunity to call while they are engaged with what you are talking about, they are more likely to act on their impulse and actually call! But if there is no call to action, you lose the potential of conversion that is provided while they are engaged.

So be sure to ask for action.

The next time you sit down to write new content, make sure you keep these 3 tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to creating great content that converts.

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