4 Reasons Facebook Is Important for Your Spa Business

Facebook for spas

If you have an active Facebook page for your spa or salon on Facebook, you might have noticed a dip in the amount of people your posts seem to reach organically. With the changes Facebook has made to how audiences view stories on their news feed, significant drops have been noted by many page administrators on their post views. So does this mean Facebook is not worth the effort anymore?

Certainly not – and below we’ll explain why.

Facebook is HUGE

Facebook is the largest social network out there. With over a billion active users, it’s a platform that absolutely must be used. If not for any other reason, but the fact that your customers expect you to be on there – being inactive on a platform as big as Facebook will only make you look outdated to your fan base. It goes a long way in making your spa and expertise look credible to your audience.

It’s the cheapest way to acquire new fans

If you are only using Facebook to update your page and not investing in Facebook Ads, you are limiting the returns on the time you invest into Facebook. Promoting your offers and your spa can be done at extremely low costs through ads on the social network. Not only does this raise awareness for your spa or salon, it gets more eyeballs to your page, and communicates your services and specialities to potential customers.

Enhances customer support & loyalty

Facebook is where everyone goes to engage and share their thoughts. So naturally, it’s where your customers go to engage with your spa and leave their thoughts and feedback. And it is precisely this engaging and open environment that stems loyalty from their side.

It brings potential customers to your website

We have said it a number of times, but we’ll say it again – the goal of any online marketing is to bring traffic to your website. That’s where your potential customers browse your offerings and take a decision on whether to use your services. Online marketing studies, and even our own client case studies, show that Facebook drives over a quarter of web traffic that your website receives. That’s some serious band for your advertising buck.

These 4 reasons are prime examples of why your spa and salon should keep Facebook as one of their top online marketing priorities. If your budget permits it, get specialists to handle your Facebook page in order to see increase in customers through traffic directed by Facebook. If you’re interested, make sure you check our Facebook Ad’s management offer running till 30th November.

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