5 Reasons Your Online Leads Aren’t Converting To Walk In Customers

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Your online marketing has been very effective in terms of generating leads for your business. You indeed got tons of leads as your prospects left their email details in your database, signed up for your newsletters, or requested an online booking.

But you soon got to face the reality when those prospective leads showed absolutely no interest in your service or product when you gave them a confirmation call.

So why does this happen?

It’s pretty normal to see a considerable drop off anyways, but at least a minimum of 10% of your leads should be converting to walk in customers.

However, if you feel that even that 10% of conversion is not happening, here are the reasons to look for:

1. Your follow up is too late: When a prospect shows interest in your product or service, make sure that he or she is called within 20-30 minutes itself as they will still be in the same mind-frame that had made them take up your offer. This is quite crucial because if you delay your follow-up, the prospect may lose interest in your service.

2. You’re stressing a lot on selling: It’s true that you are making all these efforts to increase your sales. But here you’ll have to think from a customer’s perspective, who isn’t interested to be targeted merely for sales. Especially during special offers your sales pitch might be wrong, or it just might be too sales oriented which can turn off your prospect.

3. Your staff is not able to answer the potential clients questions: If a prospect calls your spa and your spa staff fails to give the desired info or doesn’t sound too convincing, chances are high for the prospect to be hesitant about booking your service as he would not be able to build faith in your spa staff’s knowledge.

4. You call too often: Ever had a customer whose phone was off? Or who asked you to call them back? Well don’t call them again & again and be very pushy.  If the phone is off then call the next day, not 2-3 times the same day. This can create a very bad impression to the client who will actually not feel like coming to your spa anymore at all.

5. Your spa staff had not had training that helps them handle hot leads to turn them to actual sells: It will be worthwhile to invest into this, as they are the ones who have most interaction with leads / potential customers.

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