5 Simple Email Marketing tactics to drive footfall to spas/salons

Planning is a key factor when running a business I am sure you agree? Most of the Spas owners I meet invest a lot of time and resources in building their beautiful Spas, hiring and training staff, getting the best product ranges, spa operations and so on, however most of them neglect marketing which is usually the key factor in creating spa awareness.

A Spa/Salon business really lives or dies by the email and SMS database. You can have a virtual database of your social media followers but your actual database is your email contacts. Email is the glue that binds everything together.

The Value of Email*infographic_abs_final

Do you know:

  1. There are nearly 3 times as many email accounts as there are Facebook and twitter accounts combined
  2. The total posts on Facebook and Twitter combined add up to 0.2% of all email traffic
  3. The total number of searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing combined equals just 1.1% of all email traffic
  4. The total number of all pageviews on the internet equals only 25% of the total number of emails sent.
  5. Nearly 4 times as many emails are sent each day as the total number of Facebook/Twitter updates, Google/Yahoo! /Bing searches and internet page views combined

Email is the most used, most valuable and highly-prized real estate on the internet. This is why everyone wants it.

“As much as we’re told e-mail isn’t sexy, no one sends more e-mail than Facebook or Twitter,” says Berry, the former chief technical officer of the Huffington Post. “And the reason they do is we’re all on e-mail and it brings you back” to the site that sent it.”

Below are 5 simple email marketing tactics to bring your Spa/Salon new clients & make them come back for more:

1. Stick to One Offer per month
I have seen many spas/salons sending email newsletters with 2-3 deals in a month. That’s a wrong practice and also confuses clients. Sometimes variety can lead to loss in sales as the clients get confused on what to buy. Design your offer strategically based on the season and the type of services popular during the month. Refer your last years bookings/accounts when designing offers of the month and see the trend in terms of which services are popular last year in the same month. Create an offer by combining one popular service with a value add on a service you would like to promote and don’t mind loosing some revenue on it. But stick to one offer and promote it the best way

2. Send the same offer at least 2 times during the month.
If you use an email marketing software to send email campaigns (which I highly recommend), resend the campaign to all the not read emails only again within 24 hours. You will see your email open rate shoot up when you combine the reporting results of both the campaigns.

We promote SpaGenie deals at the beginning of the month and one more time during mid of 3rd week of the month. It’s a nice way to reconnect with the database and remind them their final chance to indulge and take advantage of the monthly offer. Also you have almost a fortnight before the next month’s new offer is due.

3. Educate in your emails.
Most of the spas just post the offer and never explain or give a reason why they have recommended that treatment and how can it benefit to the client. Give them a reason to choose and/or share that newsletter. Share the benefits and the problems it solves when they take a package of the treatment. This way you would be able to promote your deal as a package and perhaps achieve an up-sell. Make sure you provide well researched and quality information. Share them with the treatment process and the experience they are going to have. This is called Content Marketing. Don’t you read and research properly before taking services from or buying a new face cream? So do your clients. Guide them.

You can use the same information in bits and pieces on your social media pages like Facebook and direct traffic to reading your email shot for full details. Thus another way to spread the message and attract new clients.

4. Plan in advance for Special Days.
Run specials with during the holiday season. Special events, holiday parties, and family reunions are just some of the reasons consumers need salon and spa services. Promotions during this crucial fourth quarter period drive the herd of heavy spenders your way.

Start marketing at least 7-10 days in advance before the promotional day and always follow up with sms after 48hours of the email sent.


If there are special days during the month perhaps it is a good idea to avoid the monthly offer as by creating many promotions, your clients will get confused and cannot decide to purchase. The last thing you want is a lost revenue. 

It is important to communicate the specials at least 10 days in advance and a final reminder of the special day. It is also a good idea to extend the special for the month and convert it then into a monthly promotion.newsletter4

As much as possible stick to sending maximum 3 emails per month to your database to ensure you are not spamming their inbox.

5. Share your offer / promotion on all platforms

Also make sure the same offer is reflected on your website as well as on your Facebook pages. Now on timeline images Facebook is allowing to use links and offers. So reflect your offer on Facebook time line as well. (See below cool aroma offer on their Facebook page)

It takes 5 -8 times more efforts to get a new client than to get the old client return back to the spa.

With email marketing you can make the current clients come back more often to the spa and also spend more.  It’s the lowest cost medium to stay in touch and promote your offers and promotions. The Gold is in your client list. Use it wisely. Communicate.

Would you like to share some of your strategies? How many times do you send emails in a month? We would love to hear your experience in terms of email marketing. Or if you have any questions pertaining to this post or other query please use the comment box below to interact with us and other readers.
*Source: Smartertools.com