5 Tricks To Create An Effective Spa Marketing Calendar

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The magic of successful marketing lies in having a strategic annual marketing plan. When you have a marketing plan beforehand it makes your job a lot easier. You get to target the right audience and focus on other aspects of sales as well.

With an annual marketing calendar, you can promote each of your spa services in an effective manner.  If you never did it in 2015 – make out for the loss in this year and get started with an effective marketing calendar for your spa.

Identify Your Best Selling Seasons:  To create a complete marketing calendar – first focus on the best selling seasons, holidays and the slower seasons. You should aim at promoting every single skincare service, body treatment, wet treatment and spa retail product category at least once per year.

Divide Sections: Segregate the sections as per skin, body treatments, wet treatments, nails, hair, spa, retail and gift certificates. This will help promote each service in an effective manner.

Organize by Channel: When creating your marketing calendar, separate your strategy into marketing channels. This will help organize your overall strategy, set budgets and track how much of your marketing budget is being allocated to certain channels such as PPC ad campaigns.

Create Personas: Information often has to travel a long way from the client through client services, account executives, and project managers. By the time it reaches your team, you’re playing a game of broken telephone. By creating personas for your clients’ customers, your team can identify the personalities and roles of your clients’ target market. That way nothing gets lost in translation.

Ask for Input: So you may be in charge of putting together the calendar but your team is the one that’s going to be completing the projects. Following the mantra of “a great idea can come from anywhere”, you need to establish some way of allowing your team to suggest new ideas for the campaign. In addition, it may be useful to allow members in your organization to comment on suggestions, allowing the great ideas to rise to the top.

Congratulations on creating your first marketing calendar! You’re likely to find it gets easier to do each year, and you may begin to look forward to setting your annual marketing vision.