5 Ways to Boost Your Spa’s Social Media Engagement

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Is your spa’s social media lacking user engagement? Are those post shares of yours finding no takers?

A common problem almost every spa owner & marketer is facing – zero to minimal social media engagement.

Apart from a well-structured & functional website, which acts like a 24X7 sales machine for your spa, an active social media presence is also vital for your spas success. The more you get to connect with your users, the more they get closer to your brand.

Though you may be doing everything right on social media but missing on some crucial points can prevent you from reaching out & engaging your target audience.

To help spas boost their social media engagement, we have compiled here 5 effective ways which if followed right would take your spa’s social media engagement to a whole new level.

1. Use hashtags: They are popular everywhere on social network & if you can use them wisely, hashtags can be the best way of engaging your potential users. Hashtags connect your brand to trending topics & allows people who are searching for hashtag to find you. It works on the line of Google’s keyword & can in a way be called the keyword of social media. For instance, if your spa offers some wonderful nail art, share some nail art posts titled as #nailart. It’s bound to fetch in the user searching for #nailart.

2. Share photos of yourself & team: Humanizing a brand is the best way of connecting with target audience. Share some candid photos of yourself and your team at spa, attending to a client, or merely enjoying some relaxation time. It’s sure to strike a chord with your spa followers.

3. Run contests & giveaways: Who doesn’t like to win gifts? Organizing contests & giveaways are a great way of engaging users. Everyone loves a freebie, and will have no hesitations sharing & promoting for you to win.

Body Serene Day Spa made use of this tool & got to increase their fan base on Facebook. They offered $200 gift cards for a shopping & Spa Day in exchange of the gift they had in offer, they asked users to first like their Facebook page & then enter the contest.

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4. Offer concise morsels of advice: Offer some quality advice to your followers in regards to the service you offer. This makes you appear as a thought leader and a thorough expert in that field. Any business that follows this rule gets to engage more users as people keep coming back for that expert advice.

5. Don’t overdo the promotion: For your spa social media is indeed the ideal platform for advertising or marketing your services & products but your target user isn’t there to be advertised to. He is there to get more social. So keep promotional postings to a minimum & bring in more of engaging, informative & interactive posts.

Give your social media marketing a new start with these tactics & get to experience the change in user engagement.