5 Ways Your Spa Can Take Advantage of the Ramadan Season


Ramadan can be a slow month for the spa industry, which is why it’s best to level up your marketing to keep business at its best. In this post we share some marketing ideas your spa can use before and during the holy month.

1) Create Ramadan Offers

This is the most basic step of marketing you can take – create offers and packages specifically for the month of Ramadan. Choose services that are special rather than basic, as the offer should be in celebration of the special season. Make sure you set an expiry date for these offers, and state they will only be available until the set date in all your marketing communication.

2) Theme Your Spa

One way to get customers excited to visit your spa is by really getting into the theme of the month. Decorate your spa in the spirit of the month by creating a Ramadan experience. For example, you may serve dates and kava post iftar or add decorative lighting and furnishings that identify with the period of Ramadan. Doing this encourages customers to use your spa during the month, since you offer them an experience they would be unable to go through during regular times. A great idea is to set up a mini majlis area (tent area) that offers a complimentary henna design upon using the spa services. Of course, make sure you share the news of your spa’s themed look for the month through your social media and email newsletters.

3) Introduce Downtime Prices

This is a great way to get customers to visit your spa at particularly slow hours. As most people tend to get out after the fast is broken, introducing a special price list for a couple of hours during the afternoon can help attract customers during these slow periods. For example, you may have a 20 percent discount on all services from 1-3 pm.

4) Promote Your Eid Package

Eid is a time that is naturally booming for spas in the Middle East, so it’s recommended to create a spectacular package for the occasion. Keep the package exclusive – available for a week, with limited availability. Promote the package through the month of Ramadan and encourage pre-bookings by reminding people that there are only a certain number of bookings that can be accommodated for the Eid exclusive package.

5) Customize Your Social Media Content

Use your social media channels to engage with your fans using what is currently buzzing: Ramadan. Center what you are sharing around the theme of the holy month, whether it’s through themed nail art or tips on fasting. When people are engaged with your content, the chances of them choosing you for their needs immediately increases. So use the Ramadan spotlight to your advantage!

What Ramadan promotional activities does your spa use? Use the comment box below to share your ideas and leave any questions you might have.

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