Are You Capitalising on Your Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is an extremely popular forum for low cost online marketing, with the ability to optimise ads for website clicks, conversions, post engagements, and even page likes.

However, we see a lot of people complaining about lack of quality leads through Facebook Ads. While people may be liking your page or engaging with your posts, not many are converting into a lead.

For us, we measure campaign success by the ad’s ability to generate leads – either through a call to book, a subscription to your email marketing list or a contact form enquiry.

So how do you optimise your ads to get more leads, and not just more views?

The most basic change to make is to enhance your targeting options. While Facebook does allow you to target people by demographics, to really see your ads perform you need to take it a step further.

Create custom audiences by injecting pixels on your website – this allows you to track visitors who have expressed an interest in your services by already visiting your website, and shows ads to them.

Creating a lookalike audience is another way to target people who are similar to your website visitors, helping you show your ads to an audience that is more likely to convert.

These targeted audiences allow for Facebook ads to generate quality leads, rather than showing your ad to people who are unlikely to convert.

If you want to learn about creating Custom & Lookalike audiences, you can purchase our BeautyWorld workshop tutorial, where we show you how to make custom & lookalike audiences with a step by step guide, in addition to a host of information of marketing for spa’s in Dubai.

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