Are You On The Right Social Media Platform?

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For any business, a strong social media presence is a must. It has undoubtedly become an essential part of every business’ marketing strategy.

But not all businesses get the maximum benefits of social media marketing. To have a successful social media it’s very important that you first choose the right platform for your business. With so many social platforms available, it can be hard to realistically manage and create content for every channel -especially if you are a spa manager or a small team.

When you have limited time and resources, it’s better to solo out the channels that are most relevant to your market and stay active on them.

Social media marketing is not about simply creating profiles but ensuring that the channels you are on are managed well. Inactive social media profiles won’t really contribute to your business’ social success.

To get the most of your spa social media, it would be better to stick to the most relevant platform and manage it properly.

So now the question is how you can determine which social media platform is the perfect for your spa business?

The first thing is to ask yourself these questions:

On which platform are your target audience the most active?

What kind of content will you primarily be posting?

This will help you in determining the right social media platform. In the Middle East, however, the choice of social media will differ a bit:


Best for: B2C communication

Benefits: Largest number of active user out of all social platforms

We recommend it for: When you have a mix of content types and for content marketing


Best for: B2B communication

Benefits: Large number of active users, extremely popular in the Middle East especially among the Arab people

We recommend it for: When you are posting more of image oriented content targeting Arab people in the Middle East


Best for: B2B communication

Benefits: Good numbers of users – not all are active

We recommend it for: When you are posting content that needs to go to people in a specific job industry or with a specific job title

Twitter is also a great social media platform but it doesn’t have a spa audience base.

Boost your spa’s social media marketing choosing the right platform that can help you reach out to your target audience base!