Could an App Increase Your Bottom Line

Mobile Apps

Everyday people all around the world cannot go forward with their day without interacting with their mobile screens. From online shopping to social networking and games, our mobiles have become a one stop resource for everything that we need. Which is exactly why the digital world has seen a tremendous rise in the demand & success of mobile applications.

So what do mobile applications really bring to the table?

They have become a medium for companies across the world to increase interaction & communication with their customers. What this means is that they have effectively become one of the best ways to raise brand awareness, interaction and customer retention.

Especially for spa’s, mobile apps have become a necessary part of keeping customers happy. They are the go-to tool to reach consumers on a regular basis, while also helping retain & upsell existing customers frequently.

So how can investing in a mobile app increase your spa’s bottom line?

Increases Brand Recall

One word: brand recall. When your app is on a potential clients phone, you are constantly on their mind just by being on their screen. What this means is that you are probably going to be the first they think of when it comes to wanting any kind of spa service.

Allows Constant Communication at No Cost

Push notifications have changed the way brands with a mobile app communicate with their customers. No longer are you relying solely on sending a newsletter which they may or may not see – new offers can be shared directly on their screen. It’s guaranteed to be seen, and is as instant as it gets in the digital world. Your message is literally relayed to them the second you click send!

Digitise Those Loyalty Programs

Customers are no longer interested in carrying a bunch of hard cards in their wallets – everyone is looking for digital loyalty programs that they can easily access via their phones. In fact, we see higher chances of customers getting attracted to spa’s that have an easy to access loyalty program. Plus, digital programs save a lot of unnecessary administrative work, allowing you to improve efficiency and focus on things that really matter.

Appointment Booking at Your Customers Fingertips

Now, more than ever, it has become imperative to provide the highest level of convenience to your customers – they should be able to book an appointment in the easiest way possible the moment the thought occurs to them. Save time, make it instant – that’s what the digital era is all about. Plus, digital bookings allow customers to make appointments even after working hours. So you could basically be getting bookings while you’re asleep in bed – doesn’t that sound great?!

Mobile apps have become a must in digital strategy – they have been rising in popularity, and the trend is only forecasted to increase. Make sure you get on the wagon early to reap the benefits and stay ahead of the curve.

Wondering what it costs to get your mobile app? Not much, actually!

Pay AED 1,500/month for the first 12 months to cover all costs of development, set up & hosting.

Once developed, it’s as low-cost as AED 150/month to keep running your dedicated spa app.

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