Free Spa & Salon Marketing Templates for 2015

Managing a spa/ salon operations and looking into marketing at the same time can be overwhelming. With so many social networks to manage don’t you wish there was an easier way to plan which content, offers, and other updates to share on each account… and when?

To help you keep pace with the fast moving time and support you with marketing I am about to give you one of the best gifts you will be receiving in 2014.

A Marketing Calendar template for your Spa/Salon to organize your daily and monthly marketing.

We use the same templates when managing marketing campaigns for our spa and salon clients.

This easy-to-use Excel template helps you plan your marketing and updates, breaking down how to format your content for each of the following channels:

* SMS Marketing
* Email Newsletter
* Blog
* Facebook
* Twitter

Tip: Normally we make a schedule of atleast 2 months in advance.

This templates helps us be more in control of our offers and ensure that the message is distributed wisely through blog, facebook, twitter and email newsletters.

Also in one glance we can figure out which messages are working and which are not. As within the template we have given you options of tracking and monitoring the conversions into calls, bookings and footfall.

Our customizable marketing calender will allow you to organize your marketing activities right from SMS marketing, Email Marketing, Social media updates on Facebook and Twitter and blog content management.

Use the form below to receive the access to the template by email.

We hope you find our FREE Spa Marketing Calender for 2014 helpful for making your marketing and social media management more efficient, and helps add more time back into your busy schedule.