How To Create Offers That Convert

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The importance of monthly offers for a spa is something that just can’t be described. It works wonders to retain customers, and also to get potential customers to try out your services. It’s crucial that these offers are created with careful consideration, offering the best value for money possible with catchy headlines and proper distribution.

In this post we outline some basic steps your spa should be taking when creating offers. These are proven steps that have been tried and tested over the years, and are implemented on all offers created for our SpaMarketing clients.

Use an appealing image

We see a lot of spas using low quality images or images that do not specifically relate to the offer, which can be a huge reason for underperformance of the promotion. Images play a very significant role to how the offer is perceived, and also determine how much attention the offer gets. This happens because the human eye automatically detects images faster than regular text, so it’s imperative that you use quality visual representations of the services included in the offer.

State the amount saved

When it comes to an offer, clients always wants to know how much will they save? The thought of saving or availing a special discount is the primary reason people book on offers. Stating savings can be done in many ways: you can either mention the original price below the offer price, or can include the specific amount being saved (eg: AED 100) within the copy. You can also use a percentage discount to evaluate the savings the offer provides.

Strategize your content

When writing your content, make sure it addresses these 4 key elements:

  • The problem the service relates to (eg: frizzy hair)
  • The solution the service provides (eg: keratin treatment)
  • The actual benefit from using the service (eg: smooth hair)
  • The psychological benefit from using the service (eg: easy hair management, less stress)

This formula is key to engaging your potential customers and capturing their attention in a way that makes them want to take action.

Call to action

Always always always include a call to action. We have stated this in our guide to creating content that converts, and are mentioning it again here. A simple “Call to Book” will suffice, but the psychological impact of a call to action is always needed to persuade the person to book their appointment while they are engaged with the offer they have just seen.

These 4 steps are the basic foundations on which to build your offer. Which steps have you currently implemented with your offers?

If you have any additional questions, leave us a comment below.

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