How to Get Your Existing Customers to Market for You

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If as a spa owner or marketer you are not leveraging your existing customer database, you are definitely losing out on a cost effective way of potential new business.

Yes, you read that correct. Your existing spa customer can be your biggest asset in terms of getting new clients. It’s one way of smart marketing that all spas & salons must bring in effect.

A customer, who has already availed your service, can be the best judge about your spa – be it in regards to the spa’s service, its ambience, quality of products used, or the staff.

Word of mouth is a great form of direct marketing and in cases of spas & salons; it works brilliant. And when your existing customers do the word of mouth publicity for your spa, the results always stand good.

Here we have got for you some wonderful ways of making your existing customers increase awareness of your spa to their friends:

1. Hold contests / giveaways: Contests and giveaways always pull in the crowd. Ask your clients to share your spa’s images/offers or some of their after spa treatment pics on their social media to win a spa package, a hefty discount or a spa/shopping gift card.

2. Go the hashtag way: Create a hashtag and make customers upload their pics using that hashtag after using your spa services on social media – you can just make it a fun thing to do or can provide incentive, depending on the way you strategize the campaign.

3. Introduce attractive schemes: Schemes like bring a friend & get a certain percentage discount on your next purchase stand to be very popular in many industries, and they can work fine for spas too. Introduce similar offers for your existing clients. Let their referrals fetch them some amazing discounts on their favorite spa services.

Engaging your current customer to market/advertise or spread awareness about your spa can be done in different ways.

Tell us how you engage with your current clients to encourage them to talk about you to their friends.