How to Make an Offer That Converts

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You are doing everything to help your spa get in more of walk-ins. You have the best of marketing strategy, your Facebook ads are doing a great job and your social media presence is also very strong.

Each of your marketing strategy is working fine to ensure that you get maximum leads.

But are these leads just one-offs or regular customers?

Did you just say both? Well, have you given a thought about converting those one-offs into your regular and loyal customers?

What is it about your marketing strategy that can make your loyal customer keep coming back to your spa?

Let’s just admit customers not just look for a quality service but a privileged treatment too. They want to be rewarded in exchange of choosing your spa over your competitor.

So how can you attract them and convert into loyal customers? It’s all about the offer you give them in exchange.

You need to create offers that can hold on to your potential customers’ interest and even retain the existing ones.

For a spa to work effectively and generate the desired ROI, it’s of utmost importance that the offers created as part of marketing strategy are novel and tempting enough to lure the customer into your spa and eventually make them do business with you―not just once, but over and over again!

The three offers that often work wonders for spa owners and marketers are:

1. Discount on products and services: A discount always sounds enticing and appealing. Customers love to avail discount on their favorite spa service or product like a slimming program or a facial. However, most spa owners tend to compromise on quality while offering discounts on their products and services. A customer, who’s just looking for a discount, can never prove to be your loyal client. You must target loyal customers for whom quality stands above discount. When you offer quality service at some amazing discount prices, to such elite prospects; you always end up winning a loyal customer. Lure your potential client through your discount schemes, but just make sure―the quality never gets compromised with.

2. Free Consultation: When you offer a free consultation, your potential client anticipates that you hold thorough knowledge about the kind of service they need. For instance, if you offer a free consultation for any of your slimming program like Cavitation; clients approaching you would be anxious enough to know how cavitation will help them with fat loss and body contouring. Your consultant must be an expert to understand the client’s requirement and if he or she does so effectively, there are no chances for you to lose upon that potential client. You will end up building your credibility and expertise which would convince the prospect to avail the service from you.

3. Value Added Packages: This is another great way of converting a potential client. When we talk of value added packages, you need to come up with some innovative and unique ways of marketing your products while tending to the customer needs. For instance, if you have a customer coming up for a facial treatment, why not add on a special eye mask during the facial process. Let the customer know how the eye mask is to function as an eye massage that will soothe and relax eye muscles as well as enhance blood circulation. It will be quite like marketing your eye mask without sounding too direct. Next time, the customer can willingly seek for eye mask service along with the routine facial treatment.

Create offers that allow customers to gain some value added benefit rather than monetary benefits. It can surely convert those prospective walk-ins!