How to Turn Likes Into Leads

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So your business has a great fan following on Facebook page. You are sharing quality content, there are thousands of likes and everything you post gets shared in just no time.

But is that building your customer base? Are those potential clients turning loyal customers?

Well, many businesses fail to make the most out of their Facebook likes. This is because they miss on the very important thing about converting ‘Likes’ to Leads.

You must know, there is no direct path to it; it’s a complete process that needs to be executed as part of your sales funnel. You will have to build trustworthy relation with your potential customers and make it easier for them to find links which can take them back to the content posted on your blog and company website.

Once your potential lead lands on your website, you need to make him pass through various stages of sales funnel, take him through promotional offers, exclusive deals and well-placed calls- to -action.

Here check out these vital tips to help convert those Likes into potentials Leads:

1. Engage your fans with quality content

To begin with, you need to understand that Facebook is your medium of interacting with targeted consumer and building a trustworthy relation with him. Your very first step should be focused on Engagement―not sales.

The more likes and shares you get, the higher is your EdgeRank score. This means your business will be visible to more fans and friends of your fans. And how do you get maximum likes; again, go for quality content. Post interesting photos, questions and interactive posts with clear calls-to-action as ‘Click here’ or ‘Share’. You will have to use different approaches and figure out which one’s working best for your business. You can even make them subscribe to your newsletters via your Facebook page.

2. Turn your fans into leads

Post engagement, you move on with converting fans into leads. You will now have to connect with them outside Facebook. Provide them with links that would take them to your landing page or service page. Now that you are connecting with them outside Facebook, you will have to increase trust quotient by giving some valuable offers like a content entry, webinar, or any profitable deal that doesn’t appear as direct sale.

3. Establish sales opportunities via email

Moving on to the last step, you now have the time to introduce sales opportunities via email. Create engaging social content for email list. You need to balance likable content with sales messages. You can send out emails to persuade your target audience to check out your newest blog post, or sign up for your newsletters. Once the content is delivered to them, use email marketing to persuade them to do business with you.

After all, it’s about nurturing your leads in the right and systematic manner. If you opt for a systematic approach, your potential lead would be glad enough to form enduring relation with you!