How Your Blog Can Increase Your Bookings By 80%

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Perhaps you’ve heard blogging is an effective tool to grow a business, but you’re still not certain how the whole thing works.

Did you know it can be one way of indirect marketing―with guaranteed results?

Each time you publish a blog, you are adding to your sales force. A blog pre-qualifies your prospects, educates them and gets them inquisitive to learn more about what your offer.

Well, you may think that this can be achieved by other marketing tools too.

True, it certainly can be but it won’t be as effective as a blog. With other marketing tools, it will be quite like cold-calling. But a blog attract people who already have interest in the product or service as offered thus increasing the chances of conversions or bookings.

If you have a new offer on its way, instead of promoting it directly, write a piece of content on your blog that talks about the particular product or service. Mention the offer within that content which will convince the reader to take the decision.

Let us here show you how one of our clients achieved better results through blog marketing as compared to direct marketing.

Our client, SlimSpa had the new slimming service in offering known as LPG. To advertise this new slimming program, we first created a direct ad that talked of their LPG offer. Along with this direct piece of ad, we even created a blog post that talked about LPG as a slimming program and how it had helped people get surprising results―the offer was linked to the blog from where readers had the option to select the same.

Interestingly, more people took the offer through the blog post than the direct ad which we had placed.

Blogs do work effectively as indirect marketing tools and there are reasons behind the same.

1. They are fully informative: Most people want more information before they take up any service, especially if it’s related to slimming or is about facial, wherein they are aiming at getting specific results. They want to know how/why that particular method will actually achieve that end result. And blog provide them with the needed information. They answer all questions/objections a customer might have BEFORE showing them the offer.

2. It brings qualified leads: As we said earlier, a blog will precisely attract customers who are already interested in the service or product. All they need is more of detailed information and answers to some of their doubts before they eventually book it.

So next time you have an offer in line, ensure that your blog too talks about the offer!