Increase Clicks To Your Website Using this Email Marketing Strategy

email marketing

We have spoken a number of times about the importance of email marketing, and in today’s blog post we’re taking it a step further by sharing some real results that our clients have seen.

Let’s start with rule number one: the goal of all marketing, including email marketing, should be to send traffic to your website.

What’s the purpose of this? Why send them to your website to read more? The answer is simple: once they are on your website, they are on your property and you can guide them to various services, offers, calls to actions and much more. When done right, this is what generates an enquiry or results in a booking.

So how do you configure your email newsletters to generate more clicks?

This is where the greatest secret to increasing click rates and driving more traffic to your website comes in: use your blog posts.

Every email newsletter should have snippets of at least 2-4 blog articles by you. These widen the chances of someone clicking to go to your website by a substantial amount. 4 blog headlines increase the chances of someone getting interested and clicking on something they have seen in your newsletter by 4 times. And one click is all it takes to get them to your website, where they are surrounded by your offers and services.

To support this, we’re going to share some developments in CoolAroma Gentlemen’s Spa email marketing. After signing up to our email marketing service, their email database has grown to over 4,000 subscribers in the span of just one year, with a regular increase of 20% in monthly signups every month.

email marketing

However, huge subscriber lists are not the goal. The goal is conversions and traffic to website, which is where our campaigns have performed brilliantly. Due to A/B split testing of subject lines, CoolAroma’s monthly newsletters receive an open rate between 20-30% – performing better than the average open rate percentage for companies in the Beauty & Personal Care industry.

Below is a recent report published by Email Marketing provider MailChimp, showing the average open rate and corresponding click rate for different industries. What you will notice is that while open rates are high, click rates are significantly lower for almost all industries.. which means people do open emails, but the number of people clicking a link to go on to the website is much lower. For the Beauty & Personal Care industry the open rate averages around 20.72%, while the click rate is a mere 2.82%

email marketing

Now let’s have a look at CoolAroma’s email campaigns:

email marketing case study

Their open rates average around 24.88%, but the truly spectacular numbers lie in their click rates, which average at 19.97% – which is 17% higher than industry standards!

What’s our strategy? The very tip we shared with you – the blog posts we create for CoolAroma and share in all marketing campaigns. Below you will notice the highest clicked links are actually the blog posts – these articles are what engage the subscribers and send traffic to their website, eventually leading to conversions through the website.

email marketing

However, what you share in your email marketing should be valuable information that is engaging to your audience. Our copywriters create blog articles with headlines that initiate higher interest and clicks, usually centering around the clients offer of the month.

If you are looking to boost your email marketing efforts, you can avail our October special:

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*Please note that the offer does not include charges for newsletter template design. If you do not already have a template design, it is a one time set up cost. 
*Cost of sending newsletter is not part of the offer and is subject to the number of recipients being sent to.

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