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8 Reasons Why Your Spa / Salon Must Have An Mobile App

Retain Customers

Your existing customers are your most receptive audience, and a mobile loyalty program gives them a reason to increase the amount of business they do with you, as well as the amount of engagement they have with your mobile app. Spa Mobile app is the best way to get the first timers to the spa again.

Reduce Costs

Share updates using Push notifications, which displays your message on top of any screen the user is on in their mobile. It’s free and gives a 100% guaranteed reach.

Receive Feedback

One of the best ways to improve your services is when you receive feedback from your customers of what they liked and what they did not. Your mobile app can have a feedback page where customers can communicate their experience at the spa/salon.

Get Referrals from your current customers

One of the best ways to grow a spa and salon business is word of mouth marketing. An App makes it really easy and simple for your current happy customers to share your offers and services, using social app, an sms or even an email.

Help your customers find you easily

It is very easy to integrate Google maps on your app. So by pressing a button, the app will guide your customers with directions from where they are to the location of the center.

Get appointments even when the Spa is closed

Using the book an appointment section on the app, your customers can book an appointment even when the spa/salon is closed. You have the options to give the date arrange and the time range you would like the app to book appointments.

Social Connections

Easily direct the mobile app users to your social media pages. If your spa is running a blog, the app will auto update the latest blog article, keeping customers up to date about latest information of your spa/salon

Customer Loyalty

As your customers download your Spa App and engage with your messages, your spa/salon will be on top of mind recall when they feel the need of a spa service.

Stay connected & Engage With Your Customers
With Your Very Own App.

    The only way you can retain customers is by engaging with them on a regular basis.
    Think about it in your own personal life and situations.. You stay in touch with your close family & friends.. Why would you want your relationship with your clients to be any different?

    Build a relationship with each customer by informing them when you have a new offer or when you introduced a new treatment or when you hired a new therapist or when you uploaded a new blog post or to wish them a happy birthday or greet them for a special day or just to say hello..

    Using ‘push notification’ you can send messages to all your clients who have downloaded your app without any charges. Yes no fees! Not even the fee you pay on SMS. It’s like broadcasting a message to all your clients who have installed the app.

    Give your customers an option of fast, seamless appointment scheduling
    The app will automatically set reminders for them 1 hour before the treatment so they don’t forget and arrive on time.

    Give one click directions to your spa to customers through the app.

    One click option to see your entire service menu and price-list

    Picture gallery so they can see your spa/salon, your products and even the latest nail art your team created.

    Collect testimonials and improve customer service as you go. When the customer leaves the spa, request instant feedback. Feedback gives instant information on what is working and what is not so you can immediately take action to improve the services and resolve any negative situations.

    All of this is automated. Concentrate on the operations of the spa, while the app automatically collects and sends you useful and timely information to work with.

    Social Features- Option to share your monthly offer, your latest blog post, a new nail art design or even your treatments by sms or social media within just a click.

    Last but not the least Loyalty Card is now part of your app. So customers can stamp their visit to earn the points. (Customized according to the plan you offer). So no more forgotten cards.

    Check-in Rewards: Give your users a special reward if they check in at a special time or on a special promotional day when you are running an offer.

    Completely customized according to your look and feel.

    Want to see this in action? Visit your itunes store and down the app for Cool Aroma Spa.

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Our Clients

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Get Customised Mobile Application for Your Spas/Salon with

*Activate Your Mobile App - It’s sitting here waiting for you, all you need to do is turn it on and answer a couple of questions.
Your Spa/Salon Mobile App will have:
  • Custom Branding with your spa/salons look and feel
  • Click to Call
  • Monthly Offers
  • GPS driving Directions to the spa
  • Complete Price List / Treatment Menu
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Mobile Appointment Reminders
  • Contact us page
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  • About us page
  • Blog Integrated
  • Social Sharing
  • SMS Sharing
  • Feedback & Reviews
  • Fully integrated with your website
  • Loyalty Program
  • Picture Gallery

See what our clients have to say

I’ve used for many years and I can attest that they’re truly an amazing resource when it comes to online spa marketing online. They always succeed at helping me achieve the results I’m looking for.” Elwira Katkowaska

Elwira Katkowaska

It’s been almost 3 months since we have started Morning Glory Marketing with spagenie. First of all I have to thank you for your kind support and guidelines  during the past months. Second of all I would like to express my sincere gratitude for changing our website design and structure and handle our google ad.Actually We had our website with registration panel,for more than a year but we have received …

Yasmin Goli

Our new e-bookings are on the increase – currently 15% of total spa revenue which is comparatively fantastic ROI compared to other forms of media and the best thing about PPC is its measurable and you can see real time reporting and instant results as well” Peter Obee

Peter Obee
You must be wondering how much would having an app cost?

You pay AED 1,500 per month for the first 12 months, which covers the cost of development, set up and hosting.
After the first year, it’s as low-cost as AED 150 per month to keep running your dedicated mobile application.

This offer is available for the first 50 clients only.
Send in your request using the form below to get started.

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Call us on 04 4272107 or 050 5388406 if you have questions.

There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. In the unlikely event you don’t like your app we will give your 100% refund.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Early adopters of mobile technology are seeing immediate results. It is best to be a trend setter than be a follower. Rather than being the last one to get an app, take action now and beat your competition by gaining customer attention from the beginning by having an app for your spa or salon and engaging your customers from the start.

Should you choose not to have an app now, apart from missed revenue you will miss the opportunity of referrals that an app can bring by giving easy options to share your offers.

If you still have doubts and would like to receive some feedback by talking to another spa owner, here is the contact detail of Mr. Peter Obee. Reach out to him on and request for feedback on the app and other services by us.

A little background about me. I am digital geek and I am passionate about marketing and online. I have a dedicated team based in Gujarat, India with developers, designers, app developers and more.

How we differ from other app developers is that we specialize for Spa and Salon Industry. One of the core services we do is generating footfall and retaining customers for spas and salon. So we have the inside know how on the customer behaviours and how to guide them to take action in your favour.

The Best Way To Get Customer Loyalty Using A
Customised Mobile App For Your Spa / Salon

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As a spa/salon owner you are overwhelmed with responsibility of operations, training the therapist, introducing new products and treatments and on top of it all marketing your spa/salon

One of the biggest problem spa and salon owners face is retaining their customers.
With the competition rising and more spas opening every single month, your customers are bombarded with new offers through email and social media.

Do you know that it costs 5x more to get a new customer versus retain a customer?  Yes. The only way you can grow your bottom line revenue is by making your customers come back again and again.

But how do you gain customer loyalty with so much noise and options around?