Mobile Apps for Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs


Your Customers Are Precious. So How Is Rewarding Your Customers Benefitting Your Spa?

Customer retention is key to growth of your spa. Remind you customers that you will always be there with them no matter where they are. Make them feel important by constantly communicating with them.  Everyone wants something in return for their purchase, one word – loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs are a way into  your customers mind. Open up your doors and venues for customers by attracting them with rewards.

Add value to your loyalty programs by rewarding them with points for visiting your website or downloading your mobile app. Reward them with double points on special occasions like birthday.

Why Mobile App for Loyalty Programs?

With an easy scan of the QR code at the spa, customers can instantly be in contact your spa anytime, anywhere. The app displays the customers card number which they can use to purchase or book their appointments.

Make it easier for Customers to find your Spa through the Spa Locator.

Help your customers find your spa easily through an inbuilt location service. Now there won’t be any worries in reaching your spa.

Generates Traffic

The mobile app also generates traffic to your spas website and other social media links. Take advantage of this opportunity to reward your customers with points and win their hearts.

The Smartphone and Tablet Generation.

Customers are always on their phones or tablets. It is guaranteed that your spa will never leave the minds of customers with a mobile app.

No more carrying Hard Cards.

If your smartphone can act like a credit card, it can also carry loyalty programs and rewards within the phone app. Free your customers from hard cards. Besides, cards can be lost or misplaced, whereas your app will always be right there.

Focus on other important tasks.

Having a loyalty program app requires no administration work or focus. Now you can save time and focus on improving your efficiency and fulfilling other tasks.

 Remind customers about their rewards.

 With the push notifications system, you can now remind your customers on how close they are to their awards. This would definitely result in more sales. Its an advantageous circle, of earning rewards leading to sales.

We all love to be rewarded for our purchases don’t we? Making your customers feel special has become an integral part of business. Bring your customers back to you with rewards and benefits, through something as easy as a mobile app. If  you don’t already have a loyalty program app, get yours now.

Wondering what it costs to get your mobile app? Not much, actually!

Pay AED 1,500/month for the first 12 months to cover all costs of development, set up & hosting.

Once developed, it’s as low-cost as AED 150/month to keep running your dedicated spa app.

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