3 Latest Facebook Advertising Features You Need To Be Using

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Facebook Ads are indeed one of the most cost-effective forms of online marketing for spas- and the platform just keeps getting better. Continue reading

3 Offers To Inspire You For Valentine’s Day Promotions

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Valentine’s Day is the ideal holiday for spas and salons as gifts of beauty and wellness fit so well with the business. Plus, one gets the additional opportunity to treat the valued customers extra special. Continue reading

Your Official Introduction To Instragram Ads

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So far, Instagram’s advertising platform was held in reserve mostly for the elite brands of the world – and for spas, it wasn’t considered to be much relevant.

Continue reading

5 Tricks To Create An Effective Spa Marketing Calendar

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The magic of successful marketing lies in having a strategic annual marketing plan. When you have a marketing plan beforehand it makes your job a lot easier. You get to target the right audience and focus on other aspects of sales as well. Continue reading

How to Easily Create Images For Your Facebook Ads

The image is what makes or breaks an ad. It’s what draws the eye to the ad, and without a great attention grabber, you will have a hard time attracting clicks. Continue reading

Forget All the Analytics – Here Are the Facebook Terms That Are Relevant For Spa’s


Facebook ad terminology can be confusing and overwhelming – but if you get it all right, it helps optimize your campaigns. Continue reading

5 Reasons Your Online Leads Aren’t Converting To Walk In Customers

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Your online marketing has been very effective in terms of generating leads for your business. You indeed got tons of leads as your prospects left their email details in your database, signed up for your newsletters, or requested an online booking. Continue reading

Are You On The Right Social Media Platform?

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For any business, a strong social media presence is a must. It has undoubtedly become an essential part of every business’ marketing strategy. Continue reading

How to Get Your Existing Customers to Market for You

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If as a spa owner or marketer you are not leveraging your existing customer database, you are definitely losing out on a cost effective way of potential new business.

Yes, you read that correct. Your existing spa customer can be your biggest asset in terms of getting new clients. It’s one way of smart marketing that all spas & salons must bring in effect. Continue reading

5 Ways to Boost Your Spa’s Social Media Engagement

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Is your spa’s social media lacking user engagement? Are those post shares of yours finding no takers?

A common problem almost every spa owner & marketer is facing – zero to minimal social media engagement. Continue reading