Target Potential Customers Who Are Near Your Spa with Facebook’s New Feature

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What if you could reach customers that are close to you?

Does the idea of targeting customers nearby your business sound interesting? Continue reading

How Your Blog Can Increase Your Bookings By 80%

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Perhaps you’ve heard blogging is an effective tool to grow a business, but you’re still not certain how the whole thing works.

Did you know it can be one way of indirect marketing―with guaranteed results? Continue reading

How to Make an Offer That Converts

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You are doing everything to help your spa get in more of walk-ins. You have the best of marketing strategy, your Facebook ads are doing a great job and your social media presence is also very strong. Continue reading

Why Email Marketing Still Shows Some of the Best Results for Spas

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All businesses target to achieve new customers and thus build in their client database. Their marketing strategies are often designed to reach out to new customers.

But do these marketing strategies help you retain your existing customers? Well, not all of them can be capable of doing so. Continue reading

The Top Call to Actions for Spas

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Have you ever signed up for a newsletter, email alert or any other promotional thing online? Well, we are sure you must have.

But have you wondered why you did so? Continue reading

The Best Business Blogs for Women Entrepreneurs


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With so many changes happening in the business world every second, many women entrepreneurs find it hard to keep track of the last minute updates.

But if you are regular with following different business blogs, you will never miss on any vital update or success tip from experts in the field. Continue reading

How to Turn Likes Into Leads

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So your business has a great fan following on Facebook page. You are sharing quality content, there are thousands of likes and everything you post gets shared in just no time.

But is that building your customer base? Are those potential clients turning loyal customers? Continue reading

How to Make Easy & Stunning Graphics Using Pre-Made Templates

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Pictures speak a thousand words and are the first to catch one’s attention. If a photo is appealing, it grabs more curiosity and interest. Continue reading

The Easiest Way to Post Your Content across Social Media That No one Is Telling You About

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Have you ever wondered what helps many businesses gain maximum visibility on different social media platforms? The answer is very simple―they thrive through social media share! Continue reading

Mobile Apps for Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs


Your Customers Are Precious. So How Is Rewarding Your Customers Benefitting Your Spa?

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