Could an App Increase Your Bottom Line

Mobile Apps

Everyday people all around the world cannot go forward with their day without interacting with their mobile screens. From online shopping to social networking and games, our mobiles have become a one stop resource for everything that we need. Which is exactly why the digital world has seen a tremendous rise in the demand & success of mobile applications. Continue reading

4 Reasons Facebook Is Important for Your Spa Business

Facebook for spas

If you have an active Facebook page for your spa or salon on Facebook, you might have noticed a dip in the amount of people your posts seem to reach organically. With the changes Facebook has made to how audiences view stories on their news feed, significant drops have been noted by many page administrators on their post views. Continue reading

Are You Capitalising on Your Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is an extremely popular forum for low cost online marketing, with the ability to optimise ads for website clicks, conversions, post engagements, and even page likes. Continue reading

Increase Clicks To Your Website Using this Email Marketing Strategy

email marketing

We have spoken a number of times about the importance of email marketing, and in today’s blog post we’re taking it a step further by sharing some real results that our clients have seen. Continue reading

48 Hour Offer: The Latest Marketing Trend for Spa’s in Dubai


We’ve seen a recent marketing trend being followed by many popular spa’s around Dubai: The 48 Offer.

Used to boost slow selling services or to fill up the spa on slow days, the 48 hour offer is a special promotion blast that expires in 48 hours. Continue reading

5 Free Google Products You Can Use To Increase Footfall

google products

When it comes to online marketing, Google has a number of great tools that help drive your online efforts through the roof. We’ve listed 5 free Google Products that can help you take your online marketing to the next level. Continue reading

How To Create Offers That Convert

create spa offers

The importance of monthly offers for a spa is something that just can’t be described. It works wonders to retain customers, and also to get potential customers to try out your services. It’s crucial that these offers are created with careful consideration, offering the best value for money possible with catchy headlines and proper distribution. Continue reading

5 Books Every Spa & Salon Owner Must Read


must read books for spa owners spa management

Being a spa or salon owner is no easy job. You have to manage a number of different aspects of your business, from marketing and promotions to customer service and financial accounts – every managerial decision falls on your shoulders.

That’s why we think spa and salon owners are some of the most handy people around. They know a little (and sometimes a lot more than just a little) on every facet of owning a business. And most of these super spa owners have this knowledge by working continuously to learn more. Continue reading

Why E-Newsletters Should Be One of Your Marketing Priorities


If you’re not sending e-newletters already, you should be.

It’s one of the most important aspects of online marketing and has numerous benefits, some of which are outlined below. These benefits are the top reasons we believe email newsletters are the preferred method of communication you should have with your customers in this online generation. Continue reading

5 Ways Your Spa Can Take Advantage of the Ramadan Season


Ramadan can be a slow month for the spa industry, which is why it’s best to level up your marketing to keep business at its best. In this post we share some marketing ideas your spa can use before and during the holy month. Continue reading