3 Tips to Create Content That Converts


It’s a well known fact that in today’s world content is king. We’re constantly surrounded by all types of content, and at the end of the day what catches our attention is content that connects with us and brings us value.

It’s no wonder that creating quality content has become an invaluable skill, whether it is for social media, blogging platforms, or for website copy. Continue reading

What is the Right Marketing Mix to Retain & Attract New Customers?

Marketing Mix to Retain and Attract New Customers

Having the right marketing mix can be essential to the success of your efforts, which is precisely why it is important you use the right mix that is targeted to your goals.

In order to figure out what your marketing mix should be, you need to first consider what your goal is: do you want to retain customers or attract new customers? Continue reading

Why PPC is the Best Form of Low Budget Spa Marketing

Our video today is centered around PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, and today I give you an insight into what PPC is and how it works. I also explain why its often the best choice for most spas and salons that are on a budget by breaking down the numbers and even sharing a few real life examples! Continue reading

How To Increase Footfall Using Your Spa’s Website

Following last week’s video on the importance of having a website, this week we’re explaining how to use your website to actually increase your spa’s footfall.  Continue reading

You Have a Website, Now What?

Welcome to another video of Spa Marketing, where I’ll be talking about the steps to take once you have a website up and running. Continue reading

Top Reasons Why Your Spa Needs a Website

I’m excited to announce the launch of our video series on Spa Marketing, where I share tips and inside knowledge on the tools you need to market your spa successfully. Continue reading

Quick Action Steps to kick start your Mothers Day Marketing

If you own a salon or spa, or you are an independent beauty professional, it’s high time to kick your Mother’s Day salon or spa marketing plan into full gear! Continue reading

Free Spa & Salon Marketing Templates for 2015

Managing a spa/ salon operations and looking into marketing at the same time can be overwhelming. With so many social networks to manage don’t you wish there was an easier way to plan which content, offers, and other updates to share on each account… and when? Continue reading

Key marketing strategies shared by Ahmed Safwat of Google for Spa and Salons in the middle east

SpaGenie’s Google Workshop Provides Key Marketing Tips For Spa Owners

SpaGenie recently had the pleasure of having Ahmed Safwat from Google present an Awareness Workshop on the use of Google Products to help spa and salon owners increase footfall for their business. Continue reading

Promote “Spa Specials” To Create More Footfall

Everyone likes to feel like they’re getting a great deal. Specials capitalize on consumers’ love of all things—saving money.

Daily, weekly or monthly specials promote awareness of your spa to prospects who may never have heard of you before, or put off using your services. Continue reading