Promote “Spa Specials” To Create More Footfall

Everyone likes to feel like they’re getting a great deal. Specials capitalize on consumers’ love of all things—saving money.

Daily, weekly or monthly specials promote awareness of your spa to prospects who may never have heard of you before, or put off using your services. Offering specials to both new and current customers makes them feel special, rewards them for using your business, and incentivizes them to come back to your spa.

Why wouldn’t they? They’re satisfied with your service and they received the value they were looking for. It’s the gift that keeps on giving—to you!

When customers come in to take advantage of your specials, encourage them to add on a treatment or service such as a longer massage or skin treatment. They’ll consider that since they’ve saved money on your special, they’ll splurge a on an extra treatment.
Vary your specials so they appeal to all customers. Put some thought into what products or services your customers like best and offer discounts for these select items. Offer discounts like an 390 dhs massage treatment for 250 dhs, or a deal for a special, discounted “girls’ day out” package.

Everyone likes and looks for specials, especially around the holidays; offer holiday-based specials such as a “Feel the Love” massage for Valentine’s Day, or a discount on a skincare treatment for Mother’s Day, or a Give a relaxing experience for Eid. Not only customers, but also their family members will take advantage of these by offering them as a gift to loved-ones or friends.

Consider offering products or services for non-profit organizations to raffle off for donations. This is an excellent way to promote your services to customers who might have never heard of your spa. Plus, you’re making a difference and contributing to a good cause in your community, showing how much you care.

Capitalize on your increase in customers by doing additional marketing to them. Ensure you ask for their email or home address so you can directly mail them ongoing specials. If they appreciated your specials in the past, they’ll likely use them again. After a year or so you will have amassed a substantial list of names and addresses that you can market to again and again. There’s a social component to this as well, these customers will likely share your promotions with family and friends, and this will exponentially increase your exposure.

By following these simple suggestions, you’ll be amazed at the response and the added money in your bank account. Offering discount products and services has helped many spas owners expand their business and their gross margins—some have seen an increase in revenue of more than 25 percent!