Target Potential Customers Who Are Near Your Spa with Facebook’s New Feature

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What if you could reach customers that are close to you?

Does the idea of targeting customers nearby your business sound interesting?

For a spa business, this can surely be a great advantage as far as targeting customers is concerned. The reason being very simple, most customers prefer going to spas which are near to them.

Marketing to such customers stands completely beneficial for the spas as these prospects have high chances of visiting your spa and availing your services.

So how can you target potential customers who are near your spa?

The answer is―Facebook’s new local awareness ad. Till now, Facebook allowed you to target only through city or country. For instance, your spa ads were majorly shown to people in Dubai or Sharjah. However, now, with local awareness ad, you can target any potential prospect that’s within 5km of your business.

How do these local awareness ads function?

These ads let you find new customers quickly and easily. This feature works on principle of showing ads to people who are near your business’ neighborhood. The local awareness ads are highly cost-effective as compared to the conventional advertising channels such as newspaper and they even offer more defined targeting and bigger reach.

As you can see in the picture below, this feature lets you target potential customers in your desired area within a street or city for that matter.


Getting started with local awareness ads

To manage and create your local awareness ads on Facebook, you first need to go to Ads Create tool and select “Local Awareness”. Now, select the business page that has to be promoted.

Next you will have to enter your business’s address, and the radius around which you desire to advertise. You will get to see a map showcasing the area as covered by your ad.

To make it more precise, you can even add age and gender of your target audience, set a budget and duration for the ad.

Lastly, you need to enter image and text for your ad. For instance, if you’re promoting deal of the month at your spa, you would choose a picture of the service along with some text alluring people to come and avail the offer. A call-to-action suggesting ‘Book now’ or ‘Call for bookings’ can effectively direct customers to make a decision.

Try out Facebook’s new ad targeting feature and see what wonders it can do for your spa business. Numbers will show how far local awareness ads succeed in targeting your spa’s potential customers.