The Top Call to Actions for Spas

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Have you ever signed up for a newsletter, email alert or any other promotional thing online? Well, we are sure you must have.

But have you wondered why you did so?

All of your sign-ups are the result of effectively done ‘Calls-to-action’. And the same works for your potential customers too. A call-to-action in a simple term is the set of words that urges a reader, listener or viewer who comes to your sales promotion page, to make immediate decision.

Your whole marketing strategy is build up on basic principle of increasing conversions and building in more customers. Calls-to-action is the end decision you want your customer to take in regards to your ad campaign.

‘Subscribe now’, ‘book now’, ‘click here’…all these guide your customer through the buying journey. Absence of call-to-action results in losing a potential lead.

Your effective retail advertisement will be of no use if you can’t guide your customer through your marketing process and make him take a decision.

Often, CTA is the missed or abused opportunity to drive prospective leads into an engagement with you. Your calls-to-action must be in sync with your business and its goals. If you are a spa owner or marketer, you must place the most effective of calls-to-action that will make a prospective client avail your service or product. It should aim at getting those leads into your spa.

If you want your spa marketing to run effectively, it should have the following calls-to-action to help a user engage deeper with you:

1. Book a free consultation: This encourages customers looking for some great packages on slimming or facials etc to walk into your spa for the consultation. And there is an 80% chance that they will take up the service.

2. Get this offer now: Who doesn’t love offers and discounts? Your customer would love to give his or her email address in exchange for the ability to use a good offer. Usually, 30% of the people, who claim the offer, actually use it, while the other 70% end up leaving their email address with you so that you can market to them in future.

3. Request a call back: Often, a lot of people want to know more about the product or service before actually committing to book an offer. If you can give them an option to click & enter their number, it reduces the hassle and guess work and they get the needed time to think whether they want to take up your service or not. This call to action is a great one to convert a maybe to a yes by speaking to them (and no, don’t be fooled into the thinking of ‘if they wanted to know more, they would just call themselves’.. a lot of people with a mild interest wouldn’t bother to take that initiative).

4. Book online: Of course, how could we not mention this one… in today’s age everyone wants everything to be done online… gone are the days where people wanted to call to book an appointment. In fact, a lot of the times someone may be interested in booking but can’t actually call at that time, and then forget to call later. A book online allows them to book at the very moment.

Your calls-to-action should actually speak of the decision you want your customer to take and eventually do business with you!