Why Email Marketing Still Shows Some of the Best Results for Spas

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All businesses target to achieve new customers and thus build in their client database. Their marketing strategies are often designed to reach out to new customers.

But do these marketing strategies help you retain your existing customers? Well, not all of them can be capable of doing so.

In any business, it’s always more expensive to make a new customer than retaining an existing customer. Once a customer has tried your service, he is much more likely to buy from you again. This is precisely why email marketing works so well for the spa industry.

Email marketing allows you to regularly communicate your new offers or services to a database of customers that have already tried you and would most likely be willing to buy from you again.

This keeps up the sales and your spa business keeps on getting regular clients. While your other marketing strategies help you widen your consumer base, email marketing ensures that your current line of customers is nurtured effectively and is prompted to avail your product or service over and over again.

As a customer I may like the services you provide but I won’t regularly go to your website to check your latest offers. However, by sending those offers and deals directly to me, you prompt me―an existing and willing to buy customer, to take up the offer since it is something I’m thinking of doing anyways.

How’s email marketing different from other marketing for spas?

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s costlier to make a new customer and often, other marketing channels are going to be mostly focused on getting in new customers to your spa. Emails however are the most cost effective way to market to existing customers. Other benefits that your spa business avails from email marketing are:

Keeping in constant touch: Irrespective of the fact whether or not your existing customer is visiting your website, email marketing makes sure that he or she is updated about all your latest offers and deals. It’s one effective way of staying in touch with your loyal customers and make them feel valued.

Cross Selling: Other than selling the regular deals and offers, you can even use email marketing to make your existing customer aware of your new service or product. The fact that he has tried your service already, chances are high for him to invest in your new product or service owing to the credibility you have built.

Feedback: It’s always good to hear what your customer has to say about your product or service. You can always use the feedback to enhance your services and remove the flaws, if any.

Email marketing can surely be your finest marketing tool for nurturing and retaining the current client base. However, it can only work fine if you have a good email list that is genuine and of your actual client database – junk lists won’t work.