Your Official Introduction To Instragram Ads

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So far, Instagram’s advertising platform was held in reserve mostly for the elite brands of the world – and for spas, it wasn’t considered to be much relevant.

But not anymore – with Instagram’s advertising network now open to all businesses, it is estimated to be of great help for spas. Using Instragram advertising, spas can significantly expand availability to a wider audience network.

Instagram allows you to be marketed to its more than 400 million users. And though it’s a paid social-marketing platform –users are two and a half times more likely to click on ads on Instagram than on other social-media platforms.

So, if you are considering advertising on Instagram, it’s important that you learn a few things about this influential platform.

It offers multiple ad formats

Instagram advertising offers you three types of ads: image, video and carousel. Image ads let you use visual imagery to tell your story and also allure your target audience to take action while video ads give you up to 30 seconds to deliver your message as artistically as you desire & carousel option is image ads on steroids, letting you use multiple images that the viewer can swipe through, providing multiple opportunities to trigger an action.

You have call-to-action buttons for driving traffic to your website

The most frustrating part when it comes to social media marketing is – triggering engagement. You might get a lot of likes and comments, but driving the same traffic to your website is somewhat tricky. Instagram ads offer call-to-action buttons that allow you to drive traffic directly to your website. The call-to-action buttons are available on all the three ad format types.

Instagram’s algorithm favors engagement rate highly

Just like Facebook ads, a high engagement rate on your Instagram ad is going to come into play when determining how often your ad is shown. Instagram will favor ads that engage more users with relevant content.

Specific ad targeting

Instagram advertisers have always been able to target audiences by age, location, and gender. But now, it is working with parent company Facebook to reach users based on their interests and connections on both networks—a uniquely powerful data set of people’s personal preferences.

It will continue to evolve

Facebook now has nearly two million advertisers and many of them are keen to target Instagram’s approximately 300 million monthly active users – which is sure to open new doors of success for Instagram as an advertising platform & contribute to its expansion in near future.

So, what do you think of Instagram ads? Have you tried them yet or are you planning to so in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.